MCF Members

Dress Code


  1. A black sparkle top
  2. A black straight skirt with a two foot slit in the back
  3. New jewelry accessories

These will be purchased through the Costume Chairperson. Payment is made before they are ordered. Members will provide their own black hose and shoes.


Men will furnish their own…

  1. Black tuxedo
  2. White tuxedo (wing tip) shirt
  3. Black bow tie
  4. Black studs
  5. Black socks
  6. Black dress shoes

The costume chairperson can provide information on where to rent or purchase the attire. Red ties are provided for the Christmas concert and must be returned.

Concert Appearance


  • Hair: If your hair is longer than chin level it must be styled back or up. No ponytails. Bangs are okay.
  • Make-up: Use a foundation, lipstick, blush, eye-shadow and eye-liner


  • Hair: Well-groomed and pulled back (if necessary)
  • Facial: Clean shaven and trimmed beards

Personal Reminders

  • Do not wear perfume, cologne, after shave, strong smelling hair spray
  • Use deodorant and breath freshener

See our handbook for additional information.