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Look for singer resources here throughout the season.

Contact information:

Tim Westerhaus, Artistic Director:

Christina Nelson, Assistant Director:

Eric Betz, Assistant Director:

Eva Johnson, Board President:

Jody McKay, Managing Director:

Section Leaders:

Soprano: Stephanie Hammond 480-390-6837

Alto: ML Quartaroli 928-853-0202 

Tenor: Tyler Conlon 641-583-2594

Bass: Jamie Shontz 602-628-4756

2023-2024 Singer Directory 

(for use of MCF singers only)

Resources by concert:

Concert 3: Go for Baroque – Handel’s Judas Maccabaeus

1. YouTube Playlist: Choir Movements from Judas Maccabaeus (15 movements total)


2. Spotify Playlist of full Judas Maccabaeus:


               Overview and Program Info for Judas Maccabaeus


If you’d like some one-on-one with your notes in the various choruses, here’s how to do it.
Go to

Once there, you will see all the chorus movements by name (note that the numbers there may not match the movement numbers in our scores).  To the right of each movement, you can select your favorite vocal part, or listen to the ensemble version (“tutti”).  Clicking on a part should start it playing.  The line below Part I allows you to stop/start/pick position within the track that is playing.

Below the playback line, there is set of clickable boxes that will let you slow down (or speed up for the masochists among us!) the playback rate, by 10% or so per click, or jump backwards (or forwards) by 3 or 10 seconds per click.

The playback is rather pedantic - little change in volume or note duration nuance.  Make sure you have Tim’s markings in your score, which take precedence!!

Don’t be surprised at an occasional “wrong” note - as I have found in other of the pieces featured on CyberBass, there are occasional clearly wrong notes.  Some of those may be “typos,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if some are intentional, to catch possible bootleggers!


Concert 4: Jocelyn Hagen’s The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (2019)

Official Trailers with Repertoire & Video Highlights and Background

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