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Visionaries in Sound and Motion

featuring Jocelyn Hagen’s The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

presented with Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra and Shrine of the Ages Choir  

Friday, April 12   7:30 PM

Ardrey Auditorium , 1115 Knoles Dr, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Ticket link will be listed here once available.

About the performance

Flagstaff Sympony Orchestra presents captivating music and mesmerizing visuals to celebrate two groundbreaking works by contemporary women composers. Mary Watkins; Five Movements in Color is a poignant and powerful reflection on the African-American experience, certain to stir the hearts of all who listen. Jocelyn Hagen’s Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, featuring Shrine of the Ages Choir and Master Chorale of Flagstaff, immerses you in the artist’s unique genius. This awe-inspiring multimedia concert experience masterfully combines live music with cutting-edge video syncing technology. Witness the brilliant sketches and words of da Vinci come to life before your eyes in a dazzling display of artistry and innovation.

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